Samsung Ordering Kiosk with Clover

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Introducing self-service ordering to your restaurant has never been simpler. The Clover Ordering Kiosk integrates top-notch solutions, providing a seamless way to take and manage more orders all in one place.

  • Enterprise-grade Samsung KM24A Kiosk, designed to withstand years of use in a self-service environment.
  • Powered by Nanonation, a leading provider of interactive kiosk solutions.
  • The core of the solution is the POS system, powered by Clover.

Drop-in solution

New and existing Clover POS customers can get up and running quickly.

Fast and efficient

Install a single kiosk to support counter service or multiple kiosks for a complete self-service ordering experience, ensuring lines keep moving efficiently.


Affordable hardware and a low monthly cost per kiosk can allow you to see a rapid return on investment.

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