Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Say goodbye to paper tickets and say hello to the innovative Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS), a revolutionary solution that enhances order management by seamlessly integrating the kitchen with the front-of-house operations.

Crafted to bring clarity to orders.

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A single screen. A singular source of accuracy.

No pens, no printers, no misplaced tickets. Just an instant view of ticket progress, order statuses, and all other essential details ensuring seamless service, particularly during fluctuations in order volume.

Efficiency equals profit.

With its completely streamlined approach, Clover KDS can handle a higher volume of orders, resulting in increased revenue.

Constant improvement is the name of the game.

With detailed reporting on crucial fulfillment metrics such as preparation time and movement, you can monitor your team’s performance and make adjustments on the fly.

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Clover Kitchen Display System for Restaurants

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Clover Flex Canada POS

Clover Kitchen Display System Setup

Exclusively designed for restaurants, catering to their unique needs and requirements.

Enhanced 14” display for effortless viewing.
• Constructed from temperature-resistant aluminum, boasting the highest heat tolerance in the market – up to 122°F.
• Simple to clean, featuring an anti-fingerprint coating.
• Compatible with third-party mounting equipment for convenient wall or shelf installation.
• Connectivity options include WiFi, LAN (including PoE+, IEEE 802.3at).
• Bi-directional speakers ensure audible alerts in noisy kitchen environments (85 dB at 0.1m).

Designed for seamless integration with the entire Clover ecosystem.

• Clover KDS effortlessly syncs with Clover POS, Clover Online Ordering, and BentoBox Online Ordering, facilitating smooth communication between front- and back-of-house.
• Orders placed on any internet-enabled device within the restaurant are seamlessly transmitted to the KDS for efficient processing.
• Print Runner tickets directly from the KDS to your network-connected printer for streamlined operations.

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Included Features

Multi-level fulfillment
Expo Mode
Item level routing
Prep time reporting
Color-coded order status
Runner ticket printing

Clover KDS brings benefits to all.


Eliminating order inaccuracies means significantly higher customer satisfaction.


Effortlessly send orders to the KDS from tables and stations using any connected device.

Kitchen Staff

Keep track of every order efficiently by accessing all necessary details from a single (indestructible) screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a user remove a completed order ticket from the "Ready" screen?

All “Ready” or completed tickets will simply expire after a period of 8 hours. Once a ready ticket has been present on screen for 8 hours, the user can switch screens from Ready view to Active and then back again. The ready tickets older than 8 hours will then disappear from view.

Can the KDS display any sync status information about which devices are connected to it if multiple Clover devices are being used at the same location?

No. The only sync information is accessible via the Sync icon in the top right corner of the screen, which shows the connection status to the internet and Clover’s cloud server. There is no indication of whether multiple devices are connected to the KDS.

Can one KDS device connected to the same network be shared by multiple Clover payment devices?

Yes, a single KDS can be connected to the same network used by different Clover POS devices, as long as they are all associated with the same MID. The KDS is essentially just another Clover device, which receives orders in a manner similar to an order printer.

Can I have multiple KDS devices connected to the same network as a single Clover payment device?

Yes, when any Clover POS device “fires” an order with multiple items, the order could potentially be seen by all KDS devices associated with that account (MID), or just by one KDS (depending on the labels selected and assigned.)

Can I configure each Clover device so that specific items are displayed on specific KDS devices? (Ex. All bar orders on one KDS, all food on another KDS.)

Yes, users can configure the KDS device with a unique name (like Bar or Kitchen) through the Setup app. If the KDS is in Kitchen mode, it can be configured to display only certain labels (or all labels). Menu items that have assigned labels can appear on a ticket that is sent to a KDS that is configured to display those item labels.

Can the KDS be affected by a printer queue error on a connected Clover system?

No. A separate data path is used to send orders to the KDS. It is independent of the printer queue.
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