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Signal Payments is one of the leading professional merchant payment solution in Canada. Our mission is to provide simple and transparent credit and debit card machine services to hardworking business owners across the country. Located in Vancouver, BC, we offer credit and debit machines, printers and scanners. We also offer a wide range of POS machine supplies such as paper rolls, cables and power adapters. Our point of sale terminals come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty for your peace of mind should you decide to buy a terminal from us. When you purchase the equipment, it is yours to own with no required contracts of any sort.

Experience Convenience

Great Deals

We always do our best to bringing you competitive pricing, the best equipment available and a fully-staffed sales and tech-support team to provide you excellent service.

Customer Is Always First

Our team will stop at nothing to make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience. Make yourself comfortable, and prepare to receive award-winning service.

Security & Privacy

Using top tier security and latest technologies. Rest assured your account is safe with us. Our mission is to provide the value you deserve and us always prioritizing your business success to ensure your satisfaction as our partner in payments.

Features and Benefits

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service team are always open to help you anytime.

Guaranteed Savings

Do you want us to beat your rates? Take our $500 challenge and if we can’t save you money, we will send you a $500 gift card for your time.

Next Day Bank Deposits

Receive your funds as soon as the next business day.

Accept Payments Anywhere

In person, online and over the phone.

Free Statement Analysis

Take our complimentary cost analysis to show you how we can reduce your billing and remove unnecessary fees.

Fast Delivery

Get fast and free delivery of your terminal within a week of your application.

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