Signal Payments

Merchant Processing Solutions

Accept Debit & Credit Card Payments for your Business

Signal Payments

Merchant Processing Solutions

Accept Debit & Credit Card Payments for your Business


Signal Payments offers simple and transparent card payment solutions for businesses across Canada. Whether you’re taking payments indoor, outdoor, or online, enjoy a quick and easy POS set up with a trusted payment partner.

Point of Sale

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Accept Payments Anywhere

In person, online and over the phone.

Next Day Bank Deposits

Receive your funds as soon as the next business day.

24/7 Customer Support

Live support on your merchant processing anytime.

Value Apps & Services


Connect your terminal with a point of sale system for a intuitive, streamlined payment solution.


Ordering your paper rolls directly from your terminal is the fastest and easiest way to restock your supply.


Save trees (and the cost on paper rolls) by giving your cutomers the option to receive receipts by text or email.


Surcharging option built right into your terminal. Never pull out your calculator again

Gift Cards & Customer Loyalty


✓ Custom branded gift cards and key tags
✓ Integration into your POS or payment terminal
✓ Online access to customer data and reporting
✓ 24/7 Live Customer Support

Website Design

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Signal Payments offers simple and transparent merchant processing solutions for credit and debit cards payments in Canada.

Using advanced technology and seamless integration solutions, a difference quickly seen on your bottom line, we help improve efficiency while reducing your operating costs.

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